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    • Elon Musk Escalates Attacks on Microsoft over ChatGPT· 7 hours ago

      Microsoft has taken a lead in Artificial intelligence thanks to ChatGPT, a conversational chatbot developed by OpenAI, a startup in which the CEO of Tesla was an early investor. Elon Musk is going after another tech giant.

    • How to add ChatGPT to your Mac’s toolbar

      How to add ChatGPT to your Mac’s toolbar

      Tom's Guide· 14 hours ago

      MacGPT is a useful tool for Mac users who frequently use OpenAI’s ChatGPT program. Created by developer Jordi Bruin, the appropriately named MacGPT is an...

    • ChatGPT Can Now Access the Internet

      MSN News· 4 hours ago

      CNET reports that on March 23, OpenAI announced that it will be slowly introducing plugins for ChatGPT. "Though not a perfect analogy, plugins can be 'eyes and ears' for language ...