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    Cheap Car Insurance
    • Why I Pay More Than Necessary for My Car Insurance

      Motley Fool· 3 days ago

      In fact, I actually pay much higher premiums for my auto insurance coverage than I need to. Instead of just buying the minimum required coverage, I buy additional protection ...

    • How pay-per-mile insurance works

      How pay-per-mile insurance works

      MarketWatch· 2 days ago

      With pay-per-mile insurance, your premium is based on the total distance you drive each month. Only a few insurers offer this coverage and it’s not for...

    • 4 Ways to Lower the Cost of Auto Insurance

      Motley Fool· 6 days ago

      The good news is, there are plenty of ways to lower the cost of car insurance coverage. Shopping around and getting multiple quotes helps to ensure you're ...

    • 50 Terrible Ways To Try and Save Money

      50 Terrible Ways To Try and Save Money

      GOBankingRates via Yahoo Finance· 2 days ago

      Skipping this routine service can lead to the need for more costly car repairs down the line. Finding a good deal on something that you truly need is a...

    • Started Working Remotely? Call Your Auto Insurer

      Motley Fool· 2 days ago

      Most auto insurers offer some type of discount for low-mileage use of a vehicle. Furthermore, your auto insurance company might cut you an even larger break than $7.09 a month ...

    • Your guide to buying a convertible car

      Your guide to buying a convertible car

      MarketWatch· 22 hours ago

      Convertibles come with either of two types of roofs: hardtops or soft-tops. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a convertible hardtop roof is the...

    • Why You Could Regret Having Too Little Auto Coverage

      Motley Fool· 4 days ago

      Most states require a certain amount of liability coverage, which pays for damages insured drivers cause others. $15,000 in property damage coverage: This helps cover damage the policyholder ...