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    • Covid whiplash in China

      Covid whiplash in China

      Washington Post· 4 days ago

      Since the start of the pandemic, China has kept in place rigid policies in hopes of eliminating the spread of covid-19. In a sudden shift, the government...

    • China’s back: But it may be inflationary

      China’s back: But it may be inflationary

      The Forex Market· 22 hours ago

      The news this week that the IMF lifted its global growth projections was largely placed at the feet of China’s Covid Zero pivot. The IMF raised its 2023...

    • China: The Wisdom of Aggressive Bluffing

      Strategy Page· 1 day ago

      February 1, 2023: American military leaders increasingly speak of China taking offensive action against Taiwan. The Ukraine War demonstrated the importance of motivation and morale. The Taiwanese ...