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    • How to Be a Good (or Better) Party Host

      Vice· 6 hours ago

      Communication is even more important if you’re hosting anyone from another household in the foreseeable future, when everyone needs to be aligned on...

    • 8 Tips for Stress Relief and Anxiety Management

      The Wall Street Journal· 6 days ago

      SINCE MARCH, the pandemic has relegated most of us to our homes, and the monotony of social distancing and being tethered to the same few rooms can result in overwhelming stress and anxiety.

    • An unusual way to calm the mind

      Tennis World· 21 minutes ago

      There is a place where entropy, the tendency of the universe to go towards disorder, seems to accelerate: my wardrobe. More scientific research has, in fact, established an important link between ...

    • How to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration

      Martha Stewart Living via Yahoo News· 3 hours ago

      Here are some foolproof ways to organize your wedding inspiration. You can keep your ideas private or collaborate with your vendors or friends. After...