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    • Libertarian Party forms new Mesa County chapter

      The Daily Sentinel· 5 days ago

      Libertarians aren’t new to Mesa County, but their chapter is. Last week, a group of local Libertarians created their own branch to the Colorado Libertarian Party. “After the ...

    • Electrical and heating safety stressed for homeowners

      The Daily Sentinel· 4 days ago

      The Grand Junction Fire Department and Grand Valley Power are partnering up to warn homeowners and renters of the importance of home electronics safety as heating and electrical fires ...

    • Guest Opinion

      Arizona Daily Star· 4 days ago

      Guest Opinion The Arizona Daily Star welcomes original guest opinions that are sent exclusively to the Star for first publication. These pieces of 500 to 620 words should express ideas, viewpoints ...

    • Letter to the Editor

      Arizona Daily Star· 4 days ago

      Letter to the Editor The Arizona Daily Star welcomes original letters with ideas, viewpoints, criticism and news analysis that encourage discussion. When writing about political issues, authors should fully disclose their relationship with an issue,

    • 20 most expensive states to retire in

      MSN News· 2 days ago

      Social security doesn’t stretch as far as it once did, Americans are living longer, and employee pensions are growing more scarce. It’s becoming more important than ever to plan judiciously ...