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    • Is rental car insurance a rip-off?

      Market Watch· 1 hour ago

      You made it through a long flight and an even longer line at the rental car agency, and now the salesperson is saying you need rental car insurance. In most cases, your own car insurance will work just fine while you drive a rental.

    • New tool offers ways to improve CRISPR gene-editing method· 4 days ago

      ...with collaborators in the lab of Jonathan Weissman, a member of Whitehead Institute and a professor of biology at the Massachussetts Insittute of Technology and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Cecilia Cotta-Ramusino, formerly at Editas Medicine, details a novel...

    • New pathways to target breast cancer

      Medical Xpress· 3 days ago

      A pathway helping the breast cancer protein BRCA1 repair damaged DNA has been identified by University of Queensland researchers in a study that will inform future targeted ...