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    • Life Insurance Resources |· 2 weeks ago

      The total amount paid out is reflective of the premiums—the regular installments of insurance payments—made by the policyholder over the course of the life

    • How Ben Got His Penis

      How Ben Got His Penis

      New York Times· 2 weeks ago

      Phalloplasty — the surgery to make a penis — has grown more popular among trans men. But with a steep rate of complications, it remains a controversial...

    • CDs vs. Annuities

      CDs vs. Annuities

      Investopedia· 3 days ago

      Certificates of Deposit (CDs) and annuities can both be good ways to save for the future. Both types of investment offer a low-risk, low-return way of...

    • A Dozen of the Best Work from Home Jobs for 2020

      DJournalnow· 2 weeks ago

      Here is a list of the best work from home jobs in terms of barriers to entry, number of jobs, growth, and pay. To determine the leading work from home jobs, the data science ...