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    • Your Dog May Have Springtime Allergies Too

      Southern Living via Yahoo News· 1 month ago

      It's not just people that can start itching and sneezing when spring is in the air—pups can suffer from seasonal allergies, too. According to the Daily...

    • Can Dogs Get Lice from People?

      Reader's Digest via Yahoo News· 2 years ago

      So don't panic about protecting your pup from people with lice. Mark D. Freeman, DVM, an Assistant Professor at VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine,...

    • ‘Frozen 2’ Gives Homeopathic Quackery a Warm Embrace

      Bloomberg via Yahoo Finance· 1 year ago

      This means that the mother tincture was diluted 200 times by a factor of 100, which gives a dilution factor of 10 raised to the power of 400 — that’s a 1 trailed by 400 zeros. Many accounts ...