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    • The Recent Earthquakes in Asia - Nature

      Nature· 13 hours ago

      As it is unusual for the Kew magnetographs to be affected by earthquakes, it seems worth mentioning that on the occasion of the Turkestan earthquake, near ...

    • Recent Earthquakes - Nature

      Nature· 21 hours ago

      These determinations were based on instrumental data received from the seismological observatories at Weston, Mobile, Tucson, Georgetown, Chicago, Burlington, Fordham, Buffalo, Philadelphia.

    • Earthquakes - Nature

      Nature· 20 hours ago

      From the peculiar nature of the sound, and the fact that we are some 50 feet above the road, and 80 or 100 yards from it, I felt certain the disturbance was due to an earthquake< ...

    • An Earthquake in England - Nature

      Nature· 14 hours ago

      On Tuesday morning, at a time variously given from 9.15 to 9.30, a shock which was really alarming and did considerable damage was felt over the Eastern Counties and as far west as London and ...

    • Earthquake in Japan - Nature

      Nature· 18 hours ago

      ONE of the most violent earthquakes of recent years was recorded by the seismographs at Kew, West Bromwich, New York and Bombay, and probably throughout the world, on December ...

    • Earthquakes and Buildings - Nature

      Nature· 17 hours ago

      A COMPLETE discussion of the effects which earthquakes produce upon buildings would form a treatise as useful as it would be interesting. Not only would it involve a discussion ...

    • Earthquake in the Western Riviera - Nature

      Nature· 17 hours ago

      AN interesting fact in connexion with the late disastrous earthquake which did such damage along the Western Riviera of Liguria on the morning of February 23 last, and with ...