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    • FHA Loan Calculator

      FHA Loan Calculator

      Forbes· 2 days ago

      If you’re a first-time homebuyer who hasn’t saved enough to make a large down payment or are concerned you might not qualify for a conventional home loan...

    • 4 Little-Known Perks of a VA Loan

      4 Little-Known Perks of a VA Loan

      The Motley Fool· 3 hours ago

      You might be familiar with the high points of VA home loans, such as the fact you're not required to make a down payment to use one. The credit score and...

    • How to Shop for a Mortgage

      How to Shop for a Mortgage

      SmartAsset via Yahoo Finance· 3 days ago

      When shopping for a mortgage, there are many types of loans. A conventional loan is the most common option for homebuyers. Understanding how conventional...

    • Best Mortgage Lenders of October 2022

      San Francisco Chronicle· 3 days ago

      Finding a reputable lender and a loan that fits your needs is essential. Before settling on a lender, it’s important to consider different loan programs ...