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    • FHA Vs. Conventional Loans | Bankrate

      FHA Vs. Conventional Loans | Bankrate· 2 weeks ago

      Conventional loans are mortgages that aren’t backed by the government. Depending on the characteristics of the loan, a conventional mortgage is either...

    • ARM Loan Requirements 2022 | Bankrate

      ARM Loan Requirements 2022 | Bankrate· 1 week ago

      An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) has an interest rate that changes periodically. The benefit of an ARM is that it’s typically initially cheaper than a...

    • Who Owns the Home: Buying as an Unmarried Couple

      Who Owns the Home: Buying as an Unmarried Couple

      SmartAsset via Yahoo Finance· 2 days ago

      Buying a home is a big step financially and for some people, it's the largest investment they'll ever make. If you're an unmarried couple buying a home...

    • What Is Loan-to-Value Ratio?

      Consumer Affairs· 1 week ago

      Getting approved for a mortgage requires more than just telling the lender how much you want to borrow and submitting documents. A lender wants to know it can recoup its money if you fail to ...