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    • Spooky tales of sasquatch sightings

      Leader-Telegram· 8 hours ago

      Many people consider the legendary creature Bigfoot — also called Sasquatch — as a myth in the same category as vampires and werewolves. Others believe that if the apelike creature exists, it ...

    • Glancing Back for Oct. 26

      Glancing Back for Oct. 26

      Journal Gazette & Times-Courier· 1 day ago

      Each succeeding meeting of the Mattoon City Council is confronted with a new report of the finance committee with available finances for the remainder of...

    • In Memoriam – John Macone

      In Memoriam – John Macone

      The Valley Reporter· 6 days ago

      John Macone grew up in Concord, MA. His dad sold Plymouths and his mom could make about anything with needles and thread and paint brushes.

    • The state of the horror trope

      The state of the horror trope

      Polygon Games· 2 days ago

      The first time you see a slasher movie, you don’t know that the car won’t start. You’re confused when the main character spots a shady figure outside the...