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    • Tips for Buying a Home

      Tips for Buying a Home

      WCTV Tallahassee· 7 days ago

      Ready to Buy Your Dream Home? First Commerce Credit Union Can Help. Whether you’ve purchased a home before, this is your first time, or you are...

    • What Is a Portfolio Lender?

      US News & World Report· 2 days ago

      Because they don't resell their loans on the secondary market, portfolio lenders may have more flexible qualification requirements. Portfolio loans don't include the same protections as qualified ...

    • 5 Ways to Pay Off Debt

      Consumer Affairs· 2 days ago

      Debt payments hinder your ability to reach other financial goals, such as buying a home or investing for retirement. The debt snowball and debt avalanche are two solid methods of organizing ...

    • What Is a Portfolio Lender? - WTOP News

      WTOP Washington· 2 days ago

      Portfolio lenders have more leeway to set their own qualification guidelines and might work with you when other lenders have said no. A portfolio lender is a lender that issues mortgages and ...