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    • 10 Businesses That Got Killed by the Internet

      MoneyWise via Yahoo Finance· 2 days ago

      Although e-commerce accounts for only 10.2% of total retail sales across the country, the disruptive nature of online shopping is undeniable. Chains like...

    • Could Architecture Help You Live Forever?

      New York Times· 3 days ago

      THE SEARCH FOR immortality has always been a subtext of architecture. From the pyramids, thought to have been designed as massive stairways so the soul...

    • Taiwan Stock Market May Add To Its Winnings

      RTT News· 3 days ago

      The Taiwan stock market has finished higher in two straight sessions, gathering more than 160 points or 1.6 percent in that span. The Taiwan Stock Exchange now rests just beneath the 10,490- ...

    • Spreading a Little HOPE

      Bay Weekly· 6 days ago

      Last September, Michelle Dashiells needed a little hope. The bigger and costlier program, Houses in the Homes directs callers in need to send a referral to county government programs, often social services.

    • Why telehealth isn’t in nursing homes

      Politico· 2 days ago

      ROLLING OUT PERSONAL DATA-CONTROL TOOL — The social media giant is debuting a new tool to give users control over how their data is used by third-party advertisers, our Europe ...