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    • Gillmor Gang: Cryptonomics

      Gillmor Gang: Cryptonomics

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      Twitter seems on an aggressive path to putting pedal to the metal. Twitter Spaces, its Clubhouse clone, has steadily improved its UI with integration of...

    • Gillmor Gang: Beatlesverse

      Gillmor Gang: Beatlesverse

      TechCrunch· 1 year ago

      Well, it turns out the Beatles didn't get broken up by Yoko after all. It's like that Groundhog Day with the four fabs endlessly repeating the same...

    • Gillmor Gang: Wooo Wooo

      Gillmor Gang: Wooo Wooo

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      Techcrunch editor Matthew Panzarino is the one who opened my eyes and eventually my wallet. This year he combined an interview with two of the Apple...

    • Gillmor Gang: Rage On

      Gillmor Gang: Rage On

      TechCrunch· 1 year ago

      This argument over Web3 is really exciting. Jack Dorsey has an unlimited hall pass now that he's free of Wall Street's hound dogging adult supervision of...

    • Gillmor Gang: Film @ 11

      Gillmor Gang: Film @ 11

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      As broadcast television gives way to cable and now subscription television, the news networks are caught in a market crash. Trump’s loss in the election...

    • Gillmor Gang: Catching Up

      Gillmor Gang: Catching Up

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      As the miles melted away, we alternated between MSNBC, the Beatles channel, and a mixtape of soul, Steely Dan, and Bill Withers. Recorded live Friday,...

    • Gillmor Gang: Social climbing

      Gillmor Gang: Social climbing

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      The other good news is progress on the twin issues of Trump and social media. Joe Biden is doing a good job of wrestling Congress into some degree of...

    • Gillmor Gang: Trick or Treat

      Gillmor Gang: Trick or Treat

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      On the last Gang recording session in early October before the birth of our first grandchild, I tried to stir the pot by attacking Democratic...

    • Gillmor Gang: TV Clubhouse

      Gillmor Gang: TV Clubhouse

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      With Netflix’s success at overturning the structure of Hollywood’s broadcast television production and advertising processes, consumers are taking...

    • Gillmor Gang: Time Delay

      Gillmor Gang: Time Delay

      TechCrunch· 2 years ago

      Celebrate the public servants and the difficult personal choices that lead us to honesty, empathy, resolute choices that will draw distinctions between...