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    • Remembering Gordon Moore

      Remembering Gordon Moore

      Motley Fool· 2 months ago

      Tim and Motley Fool analyst Nick Sciple go head to head in our Market Madness Championship. To catch full episodes of all The Motley Fool's free...

    • Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore Dies at 94

      Intel Co-Founder Gordon Moore Dies at 94· 2 months ago

      Gordon Moore, who co-founded the chip giant in 1968, predicted the pace of technological innovation in a theory that came to be known as 'Moore's Law.'

    • Silicon Valley Loses a Giant

      Silicon Valley Loses a Giant· 2 months ago

      Semiconductor maker Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, who pioneered a theory on the technological evolution of computer chips, died on March 24 at the age...

    • Photo Shoot: Digital de-cluttering

      Photo Shoot: Digital de-cluttering

      Cape Cod Times via Yahoo News· 8 months ago

      “The memory on this device is full.” Those seven words strung together send terror into the minds of any technology user in 2022, Moore’s Law in action....