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    • Astronomers Reimagine the Making of the Planets

      LiveScience· 3 days ago

      Newborn star systems imaged by the ALMA telescope, featuring protoplanetary disks with rings, arcs, filaments and spirals, are among the observations changing the theory of how planets are made ...

    • NASA mulls moon rocket test results

      NASA mulls moon rocket test results

      CBS News· 1 week ago

      It took NASA four tries to fully fuel the new Space Launch System moon rocket, and even though fresh problems cropped up during the most recent practice...

    • Gaia's Massive Third Data Release is out!

      Universe Today· 1 week ago

      The third and largest data release (DR3) from the ESA’s Gaia Observatory has officially been made public. As promised, the DR3 contains new and improved details for almost two billion stars ...