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    • The best CD rates for September 2023

      The best CD rates for September 2023

      Yahoo Personal Finance· 1 day ago

      To find the best deals on CDs, shop for one that combines the best CD rates, a term that matches your savings goal, and a minimum deposit that fits your...

    • Barclays CD rates September 2023

      Barclays CD rates September 2023

      USA Today· 2 days ago

      Barclays CDs offer some of the highest yields in the country. With no opening deposit and plenty of term lengths, it’s a great option if you’re looking...

    • The Resurgence of High-Yield CDs

      Arkansas Business· 6 days ago

      The Federal Reserve has raised its federal funds rate, which is the overnight rate banks pay for borrowing, 11 times since March 2022, when it was at 0.25%; it now stands at 5.5%. Amy Morbeck ...

    • CDs vs. savings accounts: Which is better?

      USA Today· 4 days ago

      Both a savings account and a certificate of deposit (CD) keep your money safe and earn interest. “If you don’t need the money for a couple of years, locking in the funds in a CD would be best ...

    • Are CDs Worth It?

      Time Magazine· 7 days ago

      Certificates of deposit (CDs) allow you to set aside money for a specific term, earning interest until it matures. Banks and credit unions can offer CDs ...