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    • Horses, history, chariots and verses

      China Daily· 5 days ago

      The Chu King's Mausoleum is known for its large chariot horse pits and well-preserved tombs, one of which houses one of the rulers of this powerful vassal state, which existed during the Spring ...

    • Wuhan heavy rainfall center to enhance forecast

      China Daily· 4 days ago

      The Heavy Rainfall Research Center of China was established in Wuhan, Hubei province, last month, tasked with finding new and innovative ways to more accurately predict and ...

    • Tai chi's unlikely disciple

      China Daily· 5 days ago

      As dawn breaks over Wudang Mountain in Central China's Hubei province, a tall figure is silhouetted against the 600-year-old Yuxu Gong Temple, also known as the Jade Void ...

    • Special snow cleaners in China

      China Daily· 2 days ago

      The snow removal vehicles equipped with turbofans were deployed along a major expressway in Central China's Hubei province. According to technicians, the "heart" of this snow ...