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    • JOHN BRUMMETT: Not exactly pristine

      Arkansas Democrat-Gazette· 7 days ago

      Indicted former state Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson, accused of converting campaign money to personal use, tax fraud and accepting a bribe, is the nephew of the governor, Asa, and ...

    • JOHN BRUMMETT: Questions about flooding

      Arkansas Democrat-Gazette· 2 days ago

      "They're trying to wash us away."--singer-composer Randy Newman's lamentation for Louisiana in the 1974 anthem "Louisiana 1927" about the great Mississippi River flood. Nearly a century later our flood-control devices are much more sophisticated.

    • MIKE MASTERSON: Saving the Buffalo

      Arkansas Democrat-Gazette· 2 days ago

      In the deal, C&H receives $6.2 million, paid for by the state and The Nature Conservancy. Many good people, from those at the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance to the Arkansas Canoe Club, the ...

    • Grimsley High's 2019 graduates

      Greensboro News & Record· 7 days ago

      Graduates: Yousif Makawi Abdelgadir, Ahmed Ubdouelah Abdoulrazig, Bakhita Abdelgadir Aboeid, Fatima Awade Aboelgasim, Rayhanatou Aboubacar Issoufou, Natalie Roux Adams, William Tyler Adcock , Khadija Qusay Al Salemy, Edwin Alarcon-Mendez, Hooper