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    • 6 Easy Ways to Sweat Less in Summer

      The Healthy via AOL· 8 months ago

      You may feel like those sweat-drenched shirts and sweat stains are an embarrassment, but sweating actually serves a purpose. “The primary reason we sweat is thermoregulation, the control of ...

    • A Guide to Taking Care of Your Feet the Right Way

      Teen Vogue via Yahoo News· 1 year ago

      “Blisters are basically a pocket of fluid between the upper layers of skin,” says Sejal Shah, M.D., a dermatologist based in New York City. According to...

    • Do You Really Need to Detox From Your Deodorant?

      The Oprah Magazine via Yahoo News· 1 year ago

      For that reason, I’m ideally suited to an antiperspirant: The active ingredient—typically an aluminum salt—forms a plug that pretty much blocks your...

    • 6 Ways Your Armpits Can Clue You In On Your Overall Health

      Well+Good via AOL· 5 months ago

      Details like their appearance, smell, and even how much you sweat, all matter in the overall story of your health. Of course, none of it is helpful unless you know what different armpit indicators ...

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    related to: Hyperhidrosis Remedies