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    • Is Demi Lovato a Democrat or a Republican?· 3 hours ago

      Demi Lovato has indicated in her music and social media posts that she associates more with the Democratic party as opposed to the Republicans. In that...

    • Iowa GOP leaders acknowledge Biden win

      The Gazette· 3 days ago

      Republican President Donald Trump’s term in office ends Wednesday, exactly two weeks after he sparked a siege on the U.S. Capitol that was motivated by...

  1. 2020 Election Results

    • Presidential


    • Senate


    • House


    • Governor


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    Winner gets electoral votes

    Donald Trump53.2%897,672
    Joe Biden45.0%759,061
    Jo Jorgensen1.2%19,637
    100% of estimated votes counted
  2. On the Ballot in Iowa

    • Ballot Measures
    • Iowa voted on 1 statewide initiatives

      measure - Failed

      Constitutional Convention Question

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