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    • Return to Monkey Island

      Return to Monkey Island

      Fandom· 3 days ago

      Also known as Monkey Island 6 or RtMI, it was developed by Ron Gilbert's Terrible Toybox and published by Devolver Digital and Lucasfilm Games. The game...

    • Raid on Onigashima

      Raid on Onigashima

      Fandom· 6 days ago

      For a full synopsis of what happened during the Raid on Onigashima, see Wano Country Arc. The Raid on Onigashima was a battle that took place on the ...

    • Voodoo Lady

      Fandom· 6 days ago

      The Voodoo Lady is a well-known traveling mambo (Voodoo Priestess) and self-proclaimed fashion consultant. She has provided invaluable advice to Guybrush Threepwood throughout the series, thanks ...

    • Fake Straw Hat Crew

      Fake Straw Hat Crew

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      As they sought to impersonate the Straw Hat Pirates, the band of impostors used the crew's jolly roger: a skull with Luffy's signature straw hat. As most...

    • Picasso as Sculptor

      The Atlantic· 2 days ago

      The resulting prestige and emotional significance of a stone already sharp enough to cut wood rose to great heights when it became an instrument with the power of breaking skulls, the arbiter ...

    • The dark and imaginative world of Roald Dahl

      MSN News· 6 days ago

      A revered writer, Roald Dahl is still one of the most-loved children's authors today. He was known for works such as 'The Witches,', 'The BFG,' and 'Matilda,' and for his peculiar but wild imagination ...