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    • 2020 NBA All-Star recap

      2020 NBA All-Star recap

      NBA· 6 days ago

      Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard run wild as Team LeBron drops Team Giannis.

    • 2021 NBA All-Star recap

      NBA· 6 days ago

      In an All-Star Game like no other, Giannis Antetokounmpo shoots 16-for-16 to win the MVP award.

    • Legends Profile: Calvin Murphy

      NBA· 6 days ago

      Calvin Murphy's ability to score -- especially at the free throw line -- made him one of the league's biggest stars. Calvin Murphy scored 1,000-plus points in 11 straight seasons, and ...

    • 2013 NBA All-Star recap

      NBA· 6 days ago

      Chris Paul finishes with 20 points and 15 assists to win the 2013 All-Star Game MVP.

    • 2016 NBA All-Star recap

      NBA· 6 days ago

      Russell Westbrook scores 31 points and becomes the first player to win back-to-back All-Star Game MVPs as the West tops the East.

    • The world's best-paid athletes

      The world's best-paid athletes

      MSN News· 4 days ago

      Even when sports are all but shut down by a pandemic its biggest stars can bring home millions of dollars a year — into the hundreds of millions, in...