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    • 'Jurassic World: Dominion' crosses $1 billion worldwide

      iFiber One· 4 days ago

      Universal PicturesIts pace may have been more brontosaurus than velociraptor, but the finish line was crossed nonetheless: Universal Pictures is celebrating because Jurassic World: Dominion crossed the $1 billion line

    • Sequels that made fans wait the longest

      Sequels that made fans wait the longest

      MSN News· 4 days ago

      When a movie captures a viewer’s heart, there’s nothing better than discovering the story and characters will continue in a sequel. For most movie...

    • Will Smith’s 10 best movies ranked

      Will Smith’s 10 best movies ranked

      Birmingham News· 3 days ago

      Will Smith turns 54 today, so we’re reflected on the career of a man whose legacy become one of the most complicated in Hollywood at an instant when he...

    • Jack Napier

      Jack Napier

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      Jack Napier is the man who murdered Bruce Wayne's parents. Jack Napier was the narcissistic right-hand man of Boss Carl Grissom. Napier was having an...

    • 'Sidney' debuts on Apple TV+

      'Sidney' debuts on Apple TV+

      New Hampshire Union Leader· 5 days ago

      APPLE TV+ STREAMS the 2022 documentary “Sidney,” a profile and appreciation of actor Sidney Poitier (1927-2022). More than an actor, Poitier was seen —...