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    • The Truman Show

      The Truman Show

      New York Magazine· 1 day ago

      In February 1958, the immense prime-time audience that tuned into Edward R. Murrow’s CBS program See It Now was treated to a historical first: a...

    • Here's what Trump will do next

      Here's what Trump will do next

      Yahoo Finance via AOL· 6 months ago

      First, 11 days from now—on Wednesday, Jan. 20—Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Joe Biden as our 46th president. Donald Trump says...

    • Op-Ed: Worst. President. Ever.

      Op-Ed: Worst. President. Ever.

      Los Angeles Times Opinion via Yahoo News· 6 months ago

      After Jan. 20 — and possibly earlier — President Trump exits the present and enters history. On several occasions, Trump has suggested that he expects to...