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    • Antidote to Billywig stings

      Antidote to Billywig stings

      Fandom· 4 days ago

      Severus Snape: "Now, I've gathered everything we need to brew the antidote to Billywig stings." During the 1988–1989 school year at Hogwarts, Jacob's...

    • Inside the Field: Shriners Children's Open

      Inside the Field: Shriners Children's Open

      PGATOUR.COM· 6 days ago

      The PGA TOUR uses a standardized system for determining event fields, based off the current season’s Priority Ranking while also including additional...

    • Garrick Ollivander

      Garrick Ollivander

      Fandom· 7 days ago

      Ollivander was widely considered the best wandmaker in the world, and many wizards and witches bought their wands from him. In 1996, Ollivander was...

    • Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory

      Fandom· 5 days ago

      The Gryffindor Boys' Dormitory was located inside the Gryffindor Tower on the opposite side of the Gryffindor Girls' Dormitory and was where the male Gryffindor students went to sleep at night ...