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    1. Intermittent fasting could help you lose weight even if you eat the same amount of food overall.

    2. 10 Exercises Every Man Should Master

      The Cheat Sheet25 minutes ago

      Plus, squatting with weight is a full-body workout, building your gluteus and leg muscles while also engaging your core. There are tons of tutorials out there, and you can even work on ...

    3. Can you lose weight via WhatsApp?

      The Telegraph via Yahoo News1 day ago

      Neil, a CrossFit guru who works in finance but whose knowledge of nutrition is PhD-worthy, shrugs. The group icon is a can of Diet Coke with a red cross through it (our friend Nicky, also in the group, is trying to kick her cola habit).

    4. Many people assume eating more calories leads to weight gain. Here's how one Instagram user proved that's far from the truth.

    5. Reaching your weight loss goals depends on your balance of exercise, dieting, and even your genetic makeup.

    6. On Monday, the reporter Taylor Lorenz noticed that Google Maps had a new feature: Walking distances were delivered in terms of calories. Then a click on that calorie count gave a further conversion ...

    7. It's a year-long weight loss challenge, which kicked off Saturday morning. The first goal is to lose three percent of your total body weight within 180 days. Participants ...

    8. Jonah Hill recently debuted his skinny bod on the set of "Maniac."

    9. While the "Stay With Me'" singer's Instagram is by no means littered with gym selfies or meal pics, he has opened up about how he lost weight.

    10. “You have to create a caloric deficit to lose weight, but there are a lot of things that play into that,” said Liz Weinandy, a registered dietitian at the Ohio State University ...

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