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    • Mali: Situation Normal And Getting Worse

      Strategy Page· 2 weeks ago

      February 26, 2018: Foreign aid groups are seeking $263 million from donors (the dozen or so nations that provide most of the aid money) for Mali in 2018. The reason is simple ...

    • Mali: Where Everything Has A Price

      Strategy Page· 2 weeks ago

      April 15, 2019: France believes they have the Islamic terrorists on the run in northern Mali and the Sahel but will not discuss the shortcomings of the ...

    • The Forever Wars Never Ended

      The Forever Wars Never Ended

      The Bulwark· 1 week ago

      IN LATE 2013, I HEARD A MARINE MAJOR GENERAL who had just returned from Afghanistan tell an auditorium full of American diplomats and national security...

    • Nigeria: Naming, Shaming, Convicting

      Strategy Page· 2 weeks ago

      Boko Haram originated in Borno State, in northeast Nigeria adjacent to other Moslem African countries like Niger, Mali, Chad and Burkina Faso that have ...

    • Mali: Waiting For A Happy Ending

      Strategy Page· 3 days ago

      December 17, 2020: It’s been four months since the new interim government began operations, displacing the military group that took over in August. Interim means this temporary government has ...

    • Nagy: Terrorism threat increases with the new Cold War

      Lubbock Avalanche-Journal via Yahoo News· 2 weeks ago

      Nagy: "But Russia’s actions regarding global terrorism go beyond ignoring warnings, they are actively sabotaging Western efforts to combat extremism where it’s causing the most harm."