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    • The Cost of Living

      The Cost of Living

      Fandom· 2 days ago

      A delirious Eko wrestles with demons from his past, while Locke and some of the other castaways head back to the Pearl, hoping to find a computer that...

    • A Tale of Two Cities

      A Tale of Two Cities

      Fandom· 2 days ago

      Jack, Kate and Sawyer find themselves in unusual locations after being kidnapped by the Others, who reveal themselves to be much more sophisticated than...

    • Man of Science, Man of Faith

      Man of Science, Man of Faith

      Fandom· 2 days ago

      With the hatch now open, Kate and Locke ignore Jack's warnings and venture down the shaft without him. After Desmond asks why Jack was "running like the...

    • Jack Shephard

      Jack Shephard

      Fandom· 2 days ago

      Dr. Jack Shephard, M.D., was an American spinal surgeon and the plane crash survivors' de facto leader. Before the crash, his obsessive personality...