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    • Best mortgage lenders of June 2023

      Best mortgage lenders of June 2023

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 7 days ago

      Once...main types of mortgage loans: conventional loans; jumbo loans; government-insured loans (FHA, VA and USDA loans); and fixed- and adjustable-rate...

    • VA Cash-Out Refinance

      VA Cash-Out Refinance

      KWQC-TV 6 Davenport· 7 days ago

      This type of refinance can be beneficial for those looking to pay off debt, finance home improvements, cover tuition costs, or transition from a non-VA ...

    • Military Times Home HQ

      Navy Times· 5 days ago

      Home HQ simplifies homebuying, home repair, renting, real estate and DIY for service members, spouses and military veterans.

    • How to get a mortgage

      How to get a mortgage

      Bankrate via Yahoo Finance· 5 days ago

      Government-insured loans (FHA, VA or USDA) – These can be great options for borrowers who do not qualify for a conventional loan or who meet specific...

    • Army Times, Independent News For Soldiers | Army Times

      Army Times· 1 day ago

      The Army's new human resources platform promised efficiency and transparency, but some units are still holding leave hostage over paperwork. Gainey Company, the 82nd Airborne Division's newest ...