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    • Patrick Dieter: Can't trust Ryan and Romney

      Wisconsin State Journal· 3 days ago

      Dear Editor: Sorry, but trusting either one of these bozos (Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney) is ridiculous. This is especially true of Ryan, who has done more to damage Wisconsin

    • From ‘Severe’ Conservatives to ‘Liberal’ Republicans

      Taegan Goddard's Political Wire· 3 hours ago

      FiveThirtyEight: “In 2004, Pennsylvania Rep. Patrick Toomey was the face of the conservative insurgency. An anti-taxes, anti-spending hawk, Toomey was one of many conservative upstarts who primaried ...

    • Liz Cheney earns her exile

      Liz Cheney earns her exile

      The Week via Yahoo News· 3 days ago

      Nothing excites primetime cable news producers and on-air talent like the story of a Courageous Dissident Republican. For the past two months, this slot...