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    • Gunshots during math class | MinnPost

      Gunshots during math class | MinnPost

      MinnPost· 5 days ago

      The protocols are still ingrained in my mind: the teacher locks the door, pulls down the blinds and ushers the children into a corner of the classroom,...

    • Tennessee Governor NRA

      Tennessee Governor NRA

      KTBS Shreveport· 5 days ago

      FILE - Covenant School parent Lori Buck wipes away tears during a demonstration for gun control legislation, April 18, 2023, in Nashville

    • False Alarms, Real Trauma

      False Alarms, Real Trauma

      Women's Health via AOL· 2 days ago

      School shooting hoaxes can lead to extreme anxiety in students. Psychologists explain how swatting calls can trigger complex post-traumatic stress...