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    • Chaos in Senegal After Election Delay

      Chaos in Senegal After Election Delay

      Foreign Policy Magazine· 7 days ago

      If you would like to receive Africa Brief in your inbox every Wednesday, please sign up here. Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has postponed a Monday...

    • Nigeria: Dissidents, Desperation And Disputed Elections

      Strategy Page· 7 days ago

      Nigeria is also edging closer to another civil war with the Igbo people in the southeast backing the creation of a separate state or autonomous region called Biafra. Currently, Imo state is ...

    • Nigeria: Then As Now

      Strategy Page· 4 days ago

      February 15, 2023: This year, as i n 2022 the Islamic terrorists continued to fade while tribal violence was responsible for more casualties than Islamic terrorists, whose ...