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    • When celebrities met Putin

      When celebrities met Putin

      MSN News· 2 days ago

      Vladimir Putin is one of the most controversial world leaders of our days. But for many years he was simply the prime minister or president of Russia,...

    • Trashy Lingerie Turns 50 Los Angeles Magazine

      Trashy Lingerie Turns 50 Los Angeles Magazine

      Los Angeles Magazine· 3 days ago

      About 30 years ago, I wrote my name on an official membership card, paid the $2 annual fee, and walked into Trashy Lingerie. As part of the gig, she said...

    • The worst celebrity tattoos

      The worst celebrity tattoos

      MSN News· 5 days ago

      Few celebrities have resisted the temptation to get their skin inked for life. Among the stars who got tattoos of their ex-partner’s name and those whose...