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    • Counting Other People's Blessings

      Counting Other People's Blessings

      Oregon Public Broadcasting· 3 days ago

      Envy is a useful tool for social comparison. Of course, like all human emotions, envy has a purpose. It’s a tool for social comparison, one that can alert us to imbalances in the social hierarchy ...

    • Seelos Expands Its Pipeline But Shrinks Its Bank Account

      Seeking Alpha· 5 days ago

      It has only been a few months since my first Seelos article (SEEL), but the company has been negotiating two deals to expand its pipeline and areas of study. The first deal was made in February ...

    • Did Cooking Really Give Us The F-Word?

      Did Cooking Really Give Us The F-Word?

      Oregon Public Broadcasting· 4 days ago

      Some linguists are arguing that the advent of softer food, thousands of years ago, led to changes in biting patterns and eventually, to more frequent use of sounds like "f" and "v" in human ...