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    • Cyberattack On Scripps Health

      KPBS San Diego· 5 days ago

      County public health officials say three Covid-19 vaccines sites will start offering evening hours. The sites have both pfizer and moderna vaccines and...

    • Frances Fox Piven Wants You to Raise Hell

      The Nation· 4 days ago

      One of the key functions of social movements is to elevate controversial issues, force people to choose a side, and make politicians respond. Frances Fox Piven, a distinguished professor emerita ...

    • How the Internet Turned on Elon Musk

      Politico via Yahoo News· 1 day ago

      When NBC first announced that the billionaire car-tech-space mogul Elon Musk would serve as guest host for this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” the backlash was swift. Musk has graced the covers ...

    • Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 5/6/21

      MSNBC· 3 days ago

      GOP lawmakers in multiple states are advancing voter suppression bills. BROWN: -- the extremism and just getting in line for Trump in ways that -- still is astounding in this country, and I watch it up close, and it breaks my heart.