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    • $500 a Month for an Entire Floor in Brooklyn

      $500 a Month for an Entire Floor in Brooklyn

      New York Times· 1 day ago

      Jens Rasmussen and Maria Aparo couldn’t walk away from Mr. Rasmussen’s spacious loft in Greenpoint, which is covered under New York’s 1982 Loft Law. Both...

    • The Obamacare Two-Year Checkup: More Reasons for Repeal

      Heritage Foundation· 10 hours ago

      Overall, Obamacare has increased government control of Americans’ health care choices and limited consumer choice. The recent controversy over the preventive care benefit mandates are a good ...

    • Commentary: Why we need congressional term limits

      Elko Daily Free Press· 5 days ago

      One of the few things Republicans and Democrats can agree on these days is that our political system is broken. Congress is less popular than Ghengis Kahn and root canals. Term limits for Congress ...