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  1. “This new committedness among at least some younger Catholics, precisely in that age group of 20s and 30s, is very evident to me,” says Stephen Bullivant, a professor of theology and the sociology ...

  2. As the show's fourth season winds to a close, new and old fans alike may want to know: what religion are Danielle and Adam Busby? This couple openly thanks God for their large family.

  3. Under religion, “Christians, Protestants and Catholics” are considered privileged, while those practicing Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic or Pagan religions are marginalized ...

  4. Religion briefs

    Arizona Daily Star1 hour ago

    The Pima County Interfaith Council Accountability Session will be held Sunday, Sept. 30, 3 p.m. at St. Pius X Catholic Church, 1800 Camino Pio Decimo. The session is a public event where candidates ...

  5. Turning leaders loose on first big church conflict

    Abilene Reporter-News18 hours ago

    Would the great religion division of the first century have played out differently if 21st-century evangelical leaders had been around? Non-Jewish widows pointed out that the start-up ...

  6. Born in 1833, he drew inspiration from medieval art, religion, myths and legends, working across painting, stained glass, embroidery, jewellery and more.

  7. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell It also emerged that she had dabbled in Candomble, an African-Brazilian religion that originated during the slave trade. Miss Rolnik, who was brought ...

  8. “This is part of a comprehensive war against religion,” Jin said in an interview this week.

  9. Religion calendar

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  10. In March, Religion News Service senior columnist Jana Riess joined us to talk about Latter-day Saint millennials, part of her groundbreaking multigenerational survey of Mormons and former Mormons.

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