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    • Kim Tae Young

      Kim Tae Young

      Fandom· 1 day ago

      "There's a legend of a demon who lies in wait at night. Teeth sharp... Claws long... A smile wide and bright. It's strong, and fast, and silent. It's...

    • Callum Hendry

      Callum Hendry

      Fandom· 1 day ago

      "Callum Hendry was made for war. His highland blood calls him to action. No mercy for his enemies. No limits to what he'll do to win. You mess with...

    • Biden, Trump loom over NC's US Senate race

      Biden, Trump loom over NC's US Senate race

      Winston-Salem Journal· 6 days ago

      Democrat Cheri Beasley and Republican Ted Budd face similar strategic decisions in what the latest polling shows is a tight race to replace retiring U.S....

    • Column: Beware political wolves in sheep's clothing

      The Daily Advance· 3 days ago

      Many English expressions are derived from the Bible, such as “wolves in sheep’s clothing” from the Sermon on the Mount. The Bible became the source for many English language figures of speech ...