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    • It’s Time to Start Requiring Vaccinations

      It’s Time to Start Requiring Vaccinations

      Slate· 1 day ago

      The idea of “vaccine passports”—physical or virtual documents proving that their carrier had gotten COVID shots, and which would be required to gain...

    • Black dog, black night

      Black dog, black night

      Leader-Telegram· 7 days ago

      It is well after midnight and I’m standing in the dewy grass of our backyard. A puppy has been leading me by a blue leash in erratic circles for over

    • Picking up trash + boating = 'ploating'?

      Picking up trash + boating = 'ploating'?

      National Geographic· 6 days ago

      “It must have come off a boat or a car,” says Cook, who added the 15-pound hunk of junk to the collection of snack wrappers, golf balls, and other trash...