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    • 5 Things Prey Beginners Should Know

      Screen Rant· 2 hours ago

      Player freedom is one of Prey's strong suits. Materials Expert, Suit Modification, and Necropsy should be some of the first neuromods invested in, as...

    • ‘Why do we have to normalize what’s already normal?’

      Smoky Mountain News· 3 hours ago

      “I’ve always wanted to make work about LGBTQ issues, racial injustices,” said Renken. Renken began painting more people of color, she began painting men’s bodies in the dismissive nature women ...

    • Simple tricks to speed up your smartphone

      USA Today· 2 days ago

      Hackers know that and pump out fake apps and clever scams in hopes of infecting your phone. Tap or click for a list of fake apps that mimic real ones....