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    • Simple Ways to Never Age, According to Experts

      Eat This, Not That! via Yahoo News· 1 day ago

      Living to be 100 used to be a novelty, so much so that Willard Scott, the Today Show weatherman, would announce your name on air in awe (Al Roker still...

    • The Beauty of Keeping Mum

      The Atlantic· 4 days ago

      Darwin thought he had figured out how we humans emerged from the misty jungles. In The Descent of Man, he speculated that language began as the grunts...

    • VERIFY: Can we and should we feed the orcas?

      KING5 Seattle· 7 days ago

      Lynne Barre, NOAA’s recovery coordinator for the southern resident killer whales, said feeding salmon or other fish to orcas can be determinantal for...

    • CryoSpace Announced - IGN

      IGN Videogames· 4 days ago

      In space, your crew members can absolutely, 100% hear you getting ripped apart by the alien monster.