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    • Travels in the South

      The Nation· 23 hours ago

      Just “Mrs. Johnson.” It sounds anonymously inconsequential, but thanks to the contemplative, and harrowing, National Memorial for Peace and Justice in...

    • Senators Suck Up to Jamie Dimon, Get Paid for It

      The Nation· 1 day ago

      In fifty years, when historians look back upon the current era of unbridled financial sector influence on American government—unless all historians are by then employed at CitiBankofAmericaChaseOne ...

    • Where Have All the Black Coaches Gone?

      The Nation· 2 days ago

      In 2008 we are faced with a question: What is the easier path for an African-American male, becoming president of the United States or an NCAA Division I football coach? The answer reveals something ...

    • Return of the Fabulous

      The Nation· 2 days ago

      In the end, the vote was silly or sad, but for eighteen weeks on American Idol, Adam Lambert was Everyman and Everygayman, skating the edge of ecstasy and terror.