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    • Air Defense: The Russian Solution

      Strategy Page· 13 hours ago

      January 23, 2018: Russia admits to a missing link in its air defense systems. This was made clear at the end of 2017 when the Russian controlled Hmeimim (or “Khmeimim”) airbase in northwest ...

    • Israeli blast kills noted Syrian

      Israeli blast kills noted Syrian

      Las Vegas Review-Journal· 7 days ago

      A search of the OFAC database indicates that the sanctions were still in effect against Katerji and his firm at...Hussein. Ashoura is one of the most...

    • Winning: Not Pantsir

      Strategy Page· 9 hours ago

      A new version, Pantsir S1M, was shown in public for the first time in a June 24th parade in Moscow. It was specifically noted that the S1M model had changes based on combat experience in < ...