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    Tesla Crash
    • Study Reveals How Drivers Really Use Automation

      St. Louis Post-Dispatch· 5 days ago

      Much of the current media coverage around the use of driving control assistance systems focuses on accidents that occur when such systems are misused...

    • Bitcoin price holding steady above $40,000

      FOX Business· 5 days ago

      In other news, some 81% of fund managers believe Bitcoin is in a bubble, even after May’s 35% price crash, according to the latest Bank of America Global...

    • 5 Elon Musk Tweets That Caused Controversy

      MakeUseOf· 5 days ago

      With over 56 million followers and 14,000 tweets, saying that Elon Musk is a fan of Twitter would be an understatement. During the rescue, Musk sent a...

    • Not ready for driverless cars

      The East Liverpool Review· 2 hours ago

      “Autonomous” is a word from the Latin: “auto,” meaning “car,” and “mous,” meaning “mouse,” or literally, “mouse car.” There can be very good reasons for drifting out of your lane, like when an eighteen-wheeler drifts into yours.

    • 'Big Short' Burry Warns of Losses 'the Size of Countries'· 3 days ago

      Michael Burry, made famous through his depiction by Christian Bale in the film "The Big Short," reportedly tweeted a series of warnings about losses "the size of countries" in the event of cryptocurrency ...