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    • Vincent Bisset de Gramont

      Vincent Bisset de Gramont

      Fandom· 2 weeks ago

      Granted vast authority and resources by the 12 members of the High Table; he was appointed as the person in charge of tracking down and eliminating John...

    • Chegg Embraced AI. ChatGPT Ate Its Lunch Anyway

      Wired News· 5 days ago

      Early this year, GPT-3’s successor was added to ChatGPT, and the centrality of generative AI to Chegg’s future became inarguable, carved as it was into the company's dented ...

    • Ask the Slot Expert: Suspicious activity at the slots

      Casino City Times· 3 days ago

      There is the same group of persons, not gambling, but hovering around slot machines that are actively winning. It seems they’ve found a way to make fast money on the slot machines while not ...