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    • Greatest Sports Movies of All-Time

      MSN News· 9 hours ago

      Jacob Shafer counts down the 10 greatest sports movies of all-time with Martin Scorsese’s 1980 boxing epic “Raging Bull” claiming top honors.

    • The Hunger Games' 10 Smartest Characters

      Screen Rant· 8 hours ago

      A lot of the characters in The Hunger Games are clever in order to survive their ordeals. The man that fooled President Snow, Heavensbee slyly tricked...

    • Pokémon: Ash's Strongest Companions, Ranked

      Screen Rant· 8 hours ago

      Every fan of the Pokémon franchise should use Ash as a figure to look up to. As a result of this, Ash is winning a good chunk of his battles, while also...