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    • 17% of Voters Blame Biden for the End of Roe

      New York Times· 6 days ago

      The mistaken belief, in a new poll, shows how even as abortion is mobilizing Democrats, confusion over the issue is also a challenge. Nearly one in five voters in battleground ...

    • 'Ignore the polls. They're stupid.'

      'Ignore the polls. They're stupid.'

      The Week· 22 hours ago

      'Presidential polls are useless. Will Trump win? "Americans are political polling themselves to death," says Rex Huppke. Liberals are freaking out while...

    • Opinion | Justice Alito Is a True Believer

      Opinion | Justice Alito Is a True Believer

      New York Times· 7 hours ago

      In a large part of American political discourse, overt cynicism is the currency of sophistication. It is a sign of political savviness, even worldliness,...