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    • Five questions about House primaries in five states

      The San Luis Obispo Tribune· 6 days ago

      While there are many uncertainties, one sure thing about Tuesday’s primaries in five states is that at least one House incumbent will lose the chance to be in the next Congress. Here are five ...

    • Letters to the Editor: Aug. 6

      Letters to the Editor: Aug. 6

      Arizona Daily Star· 1 day ago

      Former mainstream media TV news reporter Kari Lake’s astonishing reinvention of herself as an avid Trumpian candidate for governor of Arizona — gushing...

    • Deplorables Are Real

      Deplorables Are Real

      The Bulwark· 1 day ago

      The problem isn't the demagogues, it’s their audiences.

    • Leading the Agricultural Revolution

      Leading the Agricultural Revolution· 2 days ago

      Readers weigh in on the food crisis, Deere, California farmland, advise for risk averse retirees, the Arthur Burns Fed, and gas and nuclear power...